Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am pissed off this time!!!

I've a big problem.. and I think I should ask u friends!! I need ur suggestion... Macam ni, in 2010, saya buat surgery di Pusrawi... Before buat surgery, I've got a letter from the doctor about surgery yang akan dilakukan supaya semua under coverage...I asked person in charge in HR dept, he said the company will cover my medical expenses..Before he issued the GL, ada jugak dia bagitau I need to bear excess and other medical exceeded or not covered as well..and dia tanya what kind of surgical that doctor is recommended.. He need a letter from the doctor before issue GL.. So, I gave the letter to HR as he requested.. AFTER A YEAR AND 3 MONTHS (SETAHUN TIGA BULAN) I called him to asked about my coverage 2011.. (sebab I nak buat surgery utk my knee)...and he gave me a big suprise!!! And he said my previous surgery tak covered!!! oh my God!! after 1 year u baru nak cakap yang surgery i tak cover????!! WTH?!! and he wants me to settle all my surgery cost, almost rm10k!!! I said to him, of course I don't want to pay anything!!! kenapa dlu kau kata and issue GL?? kenapa tak check dulu kat insurance company cover ke tak??? kalau tak cover, of course saya pun tak nak buat kat pusrawi!! Dia boleh jawab lepas beberapa bulan investigate, my case tak boleh cover! giler ke ape???tadi dah puas bertekak dengan HR! dia boleh cakap u boleh bayar sikit-sikit!! sikit @ banyak, i tetap tak nak bayar and akan fight!! Ini bukan 1st case kat this company ok!! Lastly, he said he will disscuss with his boss! huh!!! Friends, what do u think?? is it ok if i do a report to Jabatan Buruh?? Ikutkan hati memang nak chow je!! tapi kat mana pulak saya nak kerja.. huh!! I am pissed off this time!! seriously!! fed up!!

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