Monday, April 13, 2009



As usual, every semester in April n November, we will face with final exam rite?.. Oh God! I hate exam.. The exam is depriving me from sleep and turning my routine upside down.. hahaha.. swimming, chatting and "lepak"ing... sangat teruk la.. but I'm very happy for this semester because I've got what I want in all my tests.. So, it's easy for me to score in final exam.. huhuhu.. but it doesn't mean I will get what I want if i'm not struggle.. it's not enough with usaha.. doa n solat pun kene jugak..

To all my sweety n charming friends,

I know you can do it in final exam.. Nothing impossible in the world my dear.. ada usaha InsyaAllah berjaya.. Wishing you all the best and good luck!! please pray for me too.. hihihi

Take care..

May Allah bless you..
Love you!

Lots of love,


GLizZY said...

~Hye, best of luck for ur final exam..
(,") Stdy smart k..

Anonymous said...
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